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TV Aerial Leeds

Leeds Aerials is a family run business, owned and operated by Gary Pearce. We pride ourselves in a fast, professional and affordable service with experienced engineers and fitters.

TV Aerial Leeds

Leeds Aerials is a family run business, owned and operated by Gary Pearce. We pride ourselves in a fast, professional and affordable service with experienced engineers and fitters.


How do I watch Tv without a TV Aerial?

Gaz Pearce


How do I watch Tv without a TV Aerial?

If you have a TV and you did not want to pay for a new Digital TV Aerial Installation or extra TV aerial point, you may wonder if it is possible to watch your TV without a TV aerial? I can confirm for you yes, it is absolutely possible and in this blog, I will discuss some of the most common ways to do this.

Live TV Options Without An Aerial

With a TV aerial you can watch Freeview In the UK which is still the most popular TV option in the UK, in Ireland the Irish equivalent is Soarview which is very similar. If you are outside the UK and Ireland the digital TV packages will be different but the idea and themes will be the same.The following TV options will give you access to live TV like you would be able to receive for a TV aerial.

Free Satellite TV

The obvious alternative to watching not trough a aerial is to watch it through a satellite dish instead. To watch satellite TV you will need a satellite dish and a satellite receiver, this is usually a satellite set top box but many TV’s have in built satellite tuners. In the UK you have two main options for satellite TV, these are Sky which most people know about which is a subscription-based service or Freesat which is very similar to Freeview. Satellite TV also offers extra benefit for those of you who are interested in foreign TV like French & German as a satellite dish can be installed aligned to the satellites that these countries use.

If you already have a satellite dish and wanted to install an extra TV Point in your bedroom or lounge you may find that connecting your second TV to your satellite dish may be more cost effective than having a TV aerial installed.

The Irish equivalent of Soarview is Soarsat but it’s not as common as Freesat as is only really intended for places where a good TV aerial reception can be received. The Soarsat service uses the KA satellite band which makes the installation cost a fair amount more than a mini-dish that is used for Sky and Freesat.

Cable TV

Cable TV is another option that you have. The most popular cable TV service is the UK is Virgin media where the phone, internet and TV service can all be provided by same cables connecting into your house. Virgin Media is again a subscription-based service so if you were interested in not having a TV aerial installed because you wanted to save money you may find that it will be cheaper to do this than opting for cable TV.

Cable TV is not available in all areas of the UK so this may a limiting factor in your location. For instance, in my area of Eastbourne the closest places where Virgin Media is available is Brighton, which is 30 minutes down the road, they are however starting to install the service closer in places like Newhaven so it may not be too long before in reaches us. You may find a similar situation in your location.

New Build Fibre Systems

If you have moved into a new build estate which has installed fibre to all the buildings and houses you may find that you do not need a TV aerial anyway. It is becoming more common to have one aerial and one satellite dish installed for new build estates with a fibre optic cable connecting everyone.If you live in a place like this, you may be able to have a TV aerial connection for your TV without the need to install a TV aerial or extra TV point.

CATV Systems

There are few of these still about but they are falling out of favour for fibre optic systems which offer far more flexibility and benefit. CATV which stands for Cable Access Television, is TV provided by a coaxial cable into your property which connects to a cable distribution system. These are usually on old private estates where the residents didn’t want externally mounted antennas ruining the appearance of the estate/ village, so they have privately installed a cable system. There is one down the road from us in East Dean. Often you will find that they are limited amount of TV channels on the service, not as many as Freeview offers and you will need a compatible TV for the CATV services which uses a lower frequency band to TV aerials. Not all TV’s are.

Internet Based Services

The internet has revolutionised the way we watch TV,originally it was only for catch up TV services or TV on demand, but more and more options are becoming available by the day. I have included some of the most common methods of watching internet TV but please be aware that there are loads more.

Smart TV

If your TV is a new Smart TV, you may find that you can get everything that you need through this. If you’re not familiar with the term “Smart TV” or do not fully understand what it means. Smart TV’s are simply TV’s that can connect to the internet which have applications which allow you to watch various online TV packages like BBC iPlayer, Netflix etc. Most of the early Smart TV’s needed to be connected via an Ethernet cable to be able to watch the Smart TV services but more and more are WIFI compatible which may mean that you do not have to install any new cables what so ever to get your new TV up and running.

Please be aware that some TV’s do require you to connect a TV aerial to be able to watch some of the main catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and My5. I discuss this and give a greater description in our previous blog.

Smart TV Stick

If you’re TV is not a Smart TV, fear not it can easily be made into one via a Smart TV stick. This plugs into a HDMI port on your TV, connects to your WIFI and can usually be powered off the USB port on your TV too. Some of the most common Smart TV sticks are Now TV stick, Google Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, Kodi Stick among others which usually offer some live TV options as well as some subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or one-time purchase/ rental options. There are too many to name here, so I won’t even try!

Smart Set Top Box

This is very similar to the Smart TV Sticks named above but a smart set top box will usually offer some other benefits like recording facilities or integration with other TV services offering greater flexibility, like Youview combining a TV aerial with a internet connection or Freetime combing a satellite dish with an internet connection. You could also add games consoles like Xbox and Playstation which can be connected to the internet and provide you with TV on demand and catch up TV’s services.

Mobile Phone – Screen Mirroring

You may not be aware that it is possible to watch something on your mobile Smart phone and beam this wireless to your TV. For this you will need both a compatible smart phone, which will allow you to access the video service from the internet to begin with and a TV that has screen mirroring functionality, one set up you can select something on your phone, hit a button and it will appear on your TV. This is becoming more and more common with most new TV’s and apple products are generally all ready to go out of the box to do this like with an iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Chromecast also works a similar way where your mobile phone is the remote for the TV service.

Will You Still Need A TV Licence?

If you’re outside the UK then no, but if you are inside the UK then yes you will need a TV licence to watch TV in the UK, regardless of whether you have a TV aerial or intend to watch any BBC service. If you’re streaming any sort of video in your home including Youtube then rightly or wrongly technically you still require a TV licence. Personally, I think the whole idea of a TV licence is so outdated and I can’t believe it’s still going but I wouldn’t want you getting in any unnecessary trouble.

Questions? Please DON’T E-mail or Call

I hoped you liked this article, again if you haven’t downloaded our guide to free TV as it goes very nicely with this. If you have any questions I will be delighted to try and help and give advice where possible.Please post your questions in BLOG COMMENTS SECTION BELOW. We are a small business and I simply do not have the time/ resources to help you all. Please also do not e-mail or fill in the contact forms on the website. I have stopped answering to these as again it’s too difficult to answer them all and plus I constantly get asked the same questions all the time. By posting your comment in the blog comment section below everyone reading will get the benefit of the question asked and the answer given.

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Choosing a TV Aerial

Gaz Pearce

Choosing a TV Aerial Technically, if someone would provide you to buy a UHF aerial for your home, you will not be particular whether or not you go for it or not. Your limited suggestions about it will trigger you to question.

So how do you know if your television aerial fitters are the right types of you? What are the qualities that you should appear for to make sure that your Freeview aerial will be correctly established up?

Receiving Saorview from the 3 Rock Transmitter will require a green tipped UHF Aerial also known as a Team C/D UHF Aerial. The polarity is Horizontal.

The high quality of the aerial services set up that you will be receiving is dependent on the type of company that you are looking for help from. Therefore, finding the right aerial company is essential.

Fitting an electronic aerial is a simple job, but 1 that’s very best still left to the specialists. Electronic Smart use only educated, expert engineers and will have the occupation carried out properly and in no time. Once the Aerial Fitters Leedsis installed, it’s time to relax and appreciate all new channels and solutions.

They must be knowledgeable. The very best aerial installers are the ones who can clarify what they are doing to their customers, providing honest assessments about the antenna you previously used and the one you are about to set up. They have an in-depth understanding of how antennas function, and the principles that you have to keep in thoughts in fitting an antenna like the Freeview aerial. In contrast to the limited understanding, you may have when you do it yourself, asking for the assist of expert fitters can really make a difference.

There are also some available signal tester kits in the market that comes cheap. It would assist you to measure the power of the current Television aerial that you have.

There are little probabilities of hiring the wrong expert if you keep all these tips in thoughts. Be smart to choose the correct company for Tv aerial set up.


Should I Turn My TV Off on A Night or When i Go Out?

Gaz Pearce

Smart TV Installation Services Near Me.jpg


Should I Leave My TV On Standby At Night?


To unplug your TV at night, or not to unplug your TV at night that is the question! To be honest there is more than one right answer to this question. The energy companies and the government will tell you that you should do everything within your power to cut your energy usage and your local TV shop or TV engineer will tell you to leave it on. So, what should you do? In this blog, I discuss the reasons for turning your TV off at night and reasons not to leave your TV off a night.


standby mode

Reasons To Leave TV On Standby At Night


There are many reasons to leave your TV on at night and not disconnecting it from it’s power source altogether.


TV’s Perform Software Upgrades at Night

A lot of TV’s will update their software at night when less people are typically watching TV as often you can not do both at the same time. Periodically manufacturers of TV’s and set top boxes will bring out new software. This is usually to improve the user experience but often it is to fix bugs and glitches in the existing software. Admittedly this is becoming less of an issue with modern connected “Smart TV’s” that connect to your internet connection as this with the broadband speeds becoming increasingly quicker is often completed in a minute or two whereas over the air software updates which were completed over satellite or the TV aerial usually took far longer. The problem with switching your equipment off at night is it can miss these vital software upgrades which can seriously impact the performance of your TV/ set top box. This used to be very common with Sky boxes which would develop issues that they otherwise wouldn’t have. This however could be overcome by doing a manual software upgrade on the Sky box.


You Might Throw A Perfectly Good TV Away!

If your TV is consistently missing software updates, it could look as behave as if it was faulty. You may call out a local installer to come look at your TV aerial or satellite dish to ensure that it isn’t that and if proved to not be. You could end up throwing a perfectly good TV away believing it to be faulty when all it needed was the software updated as this isn’t always something that owners of TV’s often think to check. If you navigate into the settings of your TV or AV equipment you can often check to see whether you have the latest software and if you haven’t this should be updated. Like already mentioned this can be done over the internet or over the air. Alternatively, if neither is possible you could find the latest software/firmware on the internet, download it to your computer and upload it to a USB stick to be inserted into the TV or AV equipment via the USB slot. Most AV products have at least one USB slot but older products may not have any! Bare that in mind before you cut the power off at night.

Some TV’s Won’t Allow You To Turn Off Standby

Many manufactures completely remove the ability to switch the power off completely from the TV so that the only way to turn it off completely and off of standby would be to switch off at the power socket or to disconnect from the mains supply altogether. This isn’t always easy as often these are behind the TV cabinet or behind the TV itself on wall mounted TV’s which you may have to remove from its bracket altogether to get to. This is the manufacturer telling you that “we don’t want the TV removed from standby.”


Your Scheduled Recordings Will Fail

If you’re using something like a Sky box to record programmes during the night, these will fail if you switch the equipment off at night. Well not necessarily if you switch the TV off of standby but leave the Sky box on but I’m sure that you will get the point. If the PVR is left on standby it will automatically power up and power down during the scheduled recording.


Reasons To Turn TV Off Standby At Night

Now we have discussed the reasons why a TV should be left on at night, let’s look at why it may be a good idea to turn the TV off from standby at night or to unplug the TV altogether.


It Saves Electricity – Small Amount

Turning a TV off at night completely and removing from standby will save electricity and will save you a small amount of money. When I say a small amount of money, I mean a small amount of money. Probably a few pounds per year, not the £100 pounds a year or so that you local authority will tell you.


Modern TV’s when on standby use barely any electricity at all. These are not the same as old CRT TV’s that had valves, tunes and heaters that did consume a lot of electricity keeping the TV ready so that it would quicker power on when you turned it on via the remote control. In fact some old CRT TV’s used to reach 25,000 volts inside so they weren’t the most energy efficient things. Some TV technologies are more efficient than others. Here are some of the energy usages when on standby.


So, it’s up to whether you think whether unplugging your TV each night to save a small amount of energy and money each year is worth it for you.


It’s Safer – A Little Bit

It actually is safer to unplug your TV at night, but that’snot to say that leaving the TV plugged on and on standby is unsafe. How much safer it is all depends on your set up. Modern electrical circuit boards have RCD’s and MCB’s to protect the electrical circuit and trip out the electrics is something has happened that could become dangerous and cause a fire. The TV itself also has a fuse inside the plug which is designed to fail first before it causes damage to the TV and becomes unsafe.


It’s worth mentioning if you have multiple mains extension strips and cables plugged into single socket then I’m sure that the fire brigade will tell you to unplug this when you can.


unplugged tv

Other Items For Consideration – Unplugging The TV Altogether


I have included these in the article, but I wouldn’t necessarily make a case for leaving the TV on standby at night or not but for unplugging the TV altogether.


Should I Unplug TV During Thunderstorms?

This is a scenario where I would advise to not only cut off the TV power but to unplug the TV altogether from the socket. With electrical storms an electrical surge can come down your telephone line or TV aerial and fry your TV together with everything else that is connected. Please don’t panic every time you see a bolt of lightening or the roar of thunder as this is actually not very common. That being said, I have attended repair jobs where lightening has struck the TV aerial and fried everything it came in contact with. The cables, aerial and cables all needed to be replaced. If you see that a particular strong storm is forecast I would recommend disconnecting your TV’s to be on the safe side.


Unplugging TV When Going Away On Holiday

If you’re going away on holiday or are not going to be in the house for a while. Then I would recommend just unplugging your TV equipment to be on the safe side. Just remembering before disconnecting your Sky+, Freesat+ or other type of PVR that you’re recordings are going to fail whilst the equipment is disconnected from the mains supply. Many of today's equipment like Sky and Youview boxes used for BT Vision also have a facility where you can schedule recordings when away from your house via an app. Obviously this function will not work if the box is disconnected.

Conclusion – It’s Up To You – I Wouldn’t Personally

I’m guessing that you can already tell by the points made that I personally wouldn’t unplug your TV at night. But if it helps you sleep a little easier then you should absolutely do it.


12 Tips to improve your TV Signal In Leeds

Gaz Pearce

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How To Improve Weak TV Signal

If you're having trouble with your Freeview signal pixelating or your wondering why your aerial isn’t working. It could be that you have a weak TV signal. In fact, your TV may already be showing a message that you have a “weak signal” or “no signal”. Read this blog for all the info you need on improving TV signal strength.


Before we start I just want to make you aware that if you currently have poor TV reception. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a weak TV signal strength. You could have too much signal believe it not! With digital TV any problem with the signal will cause the TV picture to break up and this could be many other things like interference and faulty equipment. Now that has been cleared up. Let’s crack on with how to improve your TV signal strength.


Install Your Aerial Outside


There is a reason why TV aerials were nearly always installed on chimneys. This is because they provided a fixing point that is typically the highest point of your house, but this isn’t always the case. By installing a TV aerial high up on a chimney, or gable end wall or on a fascia you are helping the TV aerial clear all nearby obstructions like neighbouring buildings and trees. When most of these are out of the way a good strong TV signal can usually be received. If you can see your transmitter when installing your TV aerial you will almost always have a good signal.


Installing a TV aerial outside is usually the best thing you can do to improve your TV signal Especialy in places like Leeds. So if you’re struggling for a signal with a loft TV aerial. It will be a good idea to move it outside as you will also benefit from the fact that the signal does not need to pass through your roof tiles.


Install The Aerial Higher Up


To go along with installing your TV aerial outside, installing your aerial higher up will nearly always help improve your TV signal strength. If you live in a weak signal area you may get some benefit from installing your aerial onto a 10’ or 12’ mast instead of a 6’ mast, especially if this helps you clear nearby obstructions. Just remember that when you install an aerial onto a larger mast that the fixings need to be able to support it. A good guide is to ensure that the fixing bracket size is at least 1/6th of the overall mast height. Failing to do this your aerial is likely to blow down in the wind.


If installing your aerial on your roof or outside on a wall is not possible and you have an indoor aerial. You will almost certainly get better TV reception from a loft aerial, only if your loft is not foil lined that is.

Install A Higher Gain TV Aerial


Another way to get more TV signal is to install a higher gain TV aerial. These are usually unnecessary if you have a TV aerial installed outside on a chimney or gable end wall but If you live in a weak signal area or are going to be running multiple TV off one aerial. It may be a good idea to install a higher gain aerial. High gain aerials work by added more elements to the aerial boom which improves the aerial performance which helps improves the acceptance angle and the signal being received. This means that higher gain aerials are always larger than traditional Yagi type aerials so you should also check that the fixings that are going to support the aerial and extra weight are strong enough. I find that installing a bracket size of ¼ of the overall mast height helps and also upgrading the mast for one with a least a 1.5”diameter, 2” is ideal for high gain and large TV aerials.


Align Your TV Aerial For Peak Reception


OK, I understand that this isn’t going to be easy to do without an alignment tool or a TV spectrum analyser but aligning your TV aerial professionally could make a huge difference in the amount of signal being received from your TV aerial. This is especially true with more directional TV aerials, like high gain TV aerials where you have to have to be more accurate with the TV aerial alignment. If you’re struggling to get this right it would probably be best to call out a professional TV aerial company to align your TV aerial for you come and do this for you.


Install A Masthead Amplifier


If you have tried installing your aerial outside, higher up and with a higher gain TV aerial, or if all of these are not possible. The next thing to try would be to install a masthead amplifier. When installing amplifiers for TV aerials it is best to install these as close to the aerial itself as this will carry as much of the signal through the system and not allow it to become weak at any point. Obviously, this means that the best place to install a masthead amplifier is usually outside on the aerial mast where there is no electrical supply. Fortunately, this isn’t required as a masthead amplifier is powered by a power supply unit which can be installed behind your TV which sends 12V DC up the aerial cable. When I say this should be installed as close to the aerial as possible a cable length of at least 1m should be left between the TV aerial and the amplifier. The masthead amplifier should also be installed before any distribution equipment like TV aerial splitters and distribution amplifiers. So you need to be sure that all your splitters and wall plates are DC passing and not isolated as this will prevent the voltage from reaching the masthead amplifier. There are also distribution amplifiers on the market that will also capable of powering masthead amplifier.


As with all amplification, the amplifier should only be used to overcome cable losses and signal losses associated with the splitting of TV signals to multiple TV’s. That being said you will get some benefit with masthead amplifier where signals coming from the aerial are weak or borderline. Masthead amplifiers come with varying amounts of signal gain and I can’t advise what would be the best for you. Normally I install models with around 13dB gain but adjustable models can be purchased which allow you with a small screwdriver to increase or decrease the amplified signal.


Remove Splitters – Install Distribution Amplifiers


If have are running multiple TV’s from one aerial and are using passive splitters. Be aware that the more times you split a TV signal the more signal that you will lose. Whilst this is not normally a problem in strong and reasonable moderate signal areas for up to 4 TV’s. If you live in a weak signal area and/ or want to run 5,6,7 TV’s etc you could be losing a lot of the signal you require in the splitter. By removing a splitter and installing a distribution amplifier with multiple outputs for multiple TV’s you will not only get back the signal lost in splitter but the amplifier will also usually have around 10dB signal gain as well to help overcome cable signal losses.


For your reference most TV splitters will lose the following amounts of signal:

2-way- 4dB

3-way- 6dB

4-way 8dB

6-way 10dB

8-way 12dB


If you replaced a 4-way splitter with a 4-way distribution amplifier with a 10dB signal the received signal strength at the TV position will be 18dB more than if you kept the splitter in position. This effect would increase with the greater number of TV’s on your system. You should be aware that whilst this is good for increasing signal strength this isn’t always a good thing in all signal areas.


Install Good Quality Coaxial Cable


You don’t want the signal being received from your TV aerial being lost on the connecting coax cable by the time it reaches the TV. When installing coaxial cable for TV aerials these should be at least double screened and have a solid centre conductor. If your cable in single screened“low loss” cable or has a stranded centre conductor, you will be loosing an excessive amount of signal down the cable which could cause the TV signal to become weak. Ideally, when installing coaxial cables for TV aerials these should have all copper conductors, so a copper braid, copper screen and copper centre conductors. Examples of good quality coaxial cables for TV aerials are WF100, CT100, PF100, and HD100.


Install Good Quality “Screened” Wallplates


A lot of the signal being received can actually be lost in the wall-plate itself. If you have an unscreened wall-plate, this is the type where the cable termination is open to the elements excessive signal could be lost through this. By replacing this for a wall-plate with a screened connection where the coaxial cable termination is within a metal enclosure/ casing. This protects outside interference from penetrating into the cable and stops RF leakage which is signal loss. This wall-plate also make for a superior connection and are far less likely to break.

Install A Good Quality Flylead


If you have a wall-plate with a thin, flimsy factory-made fly-lead coming from it, replace with a good quality fly-lead as these can have huge insertion losses. You don’t need to go crazy and spend £10 on an aerial lead with gold or platinum connectors which some of them have. With a piece of coax cable, a couple of coax plugs, a Stanley blade, cutters and a little bit of DIY skill you can make your own high-quality aerial fly-lead.


Check You’re Using You're Using The Optimum Transmitter


You may find that a stronger can be received from another transmitter than the one that you’re aligned to. A common situation in our area in East Sussex was to point aerials to Hastings to get Freeview before it was available on the main Heathfield transmitter. When the Heathfield transmitter completed its digital switchover in 2012 a stronger signal could usually be achieved by re-aligning the TV aerial to Heathfield after this date. This is something that we are still doing to this date and you may find that there is a similar situation in your area. Just be careful that you're not realigning your antenna to a Freeview Lite transmitters as you will only get around half the services. For information on TV transmitters in the UK, I advise this site.


Site Your Aerial To Avoid Obstructions


This goes completely against what I said about installing aerials outside high up, but you might find that by sitting your aerial in a spot that helps avoid obstructions which could be impeding your TV signal could work wonders for your signal strength. Installing TV aerials is often referred to as a “black art” and what this means is that often you can get a stronger signal by installing aerials lower down or in locations that seem like they would not work as well. You will need to spend some time testing in various locations at your property to identify the best location. Just bear in mind that more often than not this is high up on your property.

TV Aerials Leeds PDF

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TV Aerials Leeds Offering Affordable Digital Aerial Installation In Leeds

Gaz Pearce

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Leading TV Aerial Installation Service provider, TV Aerials Leeds, helping the people of Leeds see the world better with affordable aerial installation solutions
TV Aerials Leeds

TV Aerials Leeds has established itself as one of the most sought-after providers of TV Aerial installation service in Leeds and surrounding areas. In line with the goals of the business to provide the people in and around Leeds with the best possible TV viewing experience, TV Aerials is offering its wide range of solutions at remarkably affordable rates, making the New Year an even more pleasant and memorable one.

Over the years, TV Aerial Leeds has grown to become the go-to solutions provider for all TV Aerial, phone line or CCTV issues. In addition to offering TV Installations Leeds and other such services, the company also offers information on Freeview, Freesat, 4K HD TV Multi-room setups, and a host of others.

The company’s professionalism in addition to offering a plethora of services at affordable rates has made it the top choice of homes in Leeds. TV Aerial Leeds is consequently aiming to become the one-stop solutions provider to all home entertainment needs as it also does TV Wall Mounting and Home cinema systems.

TVAerials Leeds has continued to receive accolades from different quarters. “I contacted TV Aerials Leeds after reading on the website that they also do internet jobs. I wanted my router resiting. I called Wednesday and they came on the Saturday morning which was ideal as I work all week. Reasonable price, neat job and I will be calling again if I need help in future, cheers chaps,” says Pete Green.

More information about TV Aerials Leeds and how the business can be of help in the New Year can be found on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

About TV Aerials Leeds

TV Aerials Leeds is the highest rated and reputable and experienced digital aerial installation company in Leeds providing installation and repair services within residential houses, elderly care homes, office blocks, hotels, schools, and other local businesses.

Media Contact

Gary Pearce
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TV Aerials Leeds are helping people in the local area

Gaz Pearce

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TV Aerial and Satellite Service Company Ready to Help the People of Leeds Handle All Types of Signal Issues

Specialists in more than fifteen types of services are prepared to install and repair

Leeds, UK: TV Aerials Leeds is proud to announce their TV aerial and CCTV installation services. The company specializes in helping their customers install, repair, and revive their aerial signals. Experts with more than two-decade of experience help deliver professional work, ensuring clients continue to watch all their channels. Other services they offer include aerial alignment, Freesat, communal systems, and phone lines. Customers can also hire them for CCTV installation to secure their homes or catch an intruder, especially in this yuletide season.

4KTVInstallations Leeds.jpg


For more information, please visit
"In 2019, the UK is rolling out 5G phone signal which will interfere with many peoples Freeview TV signals and we will be one of the companies to help the people of Leeds and the UK. We are fully equipped to provide you with a service that’ll put a smile on your face, at the end of the day. We also offer CCTV installation to deter burglars or catch them if they broke into your home. We have your back," said Gary Pearce, a representative of TV Aerials Leeds.

TV Aerials Leeds is a company offering quality TV aerial and satellite services at affordable price. People who live in Leeds and neighboring areas have nothing to worry about. Some of the services they offer include aerial and satellite alignment, projector and Sonos systems installation, wall mounting, phone lines, HDMI multi-room, Asian channels, Freesat, extra TV points, etc.
Customers also trust them for CCTV installation and maintenance that is reliable and efficient. TV Aerials Leeds is unique in there service because they offer a specialist approach to ensure that customers get the best service they could ever imagine. The company’s engineers make use of the best tools, so that every installation, repairs, maintenance will last.

"What makes me like TV Aerials Leeds is their vast experience in different types of installation and repairs. I’ve hired them for different services now and they’ve been able to deliver effectively each time. I also like the way they respond quickly to customers and give you constant feedback that makes you feel you’re being serviced by a company that truly cares," said Raymond D, a client.

More about TV Aerials Leeds

TV Aerials Leeds is a TV aerial and satellite installation and repairs company, located in Leeds, UK. The company is known for prompt quality service that customers enjoy. They deal with top-rated manufacturers like Televes, Labgear, Vision Products, TRIAXTRIAX, etc. when sourcing for items, to ensure customers get the best. For more information, please contact 0113 8662101, 07860244274, 07943911607,, or visit